The Bird Machine vs. Covid19 / Coronavirus

May 26, 2020 - Like every responsible business, we've been trying to manage our progress in the most responsible way we can. Since mid-March, Jay has been the only person working in the physical Bird Machine space, printing and shipping out mail orders. Usually there are three of us working here. For the record, Jay has been doing a pretty thorough self-isolation with his family, which started on March 12.

USPS has been slower than usual with some of our outgoing packages, which are being substantially delayed at a USPS sorting center. Many of our other outgoing packages have arrived at their destinations surprisingly quickly. We don't recognize any rhyme or reason to this, but we're trying to have patience with the knowledge that our beloved USPS is staffed (understaffed) by people who have the same issues with current events that we all have. These are unprecedented times within the last century.

Your patience is appreciated. Thank you for your continued interest.

Use the Contact button if you have any questions or concerns about the shipping process.