Tattoo Permission Slip

You're thinking about using one of my drawings / posters / images as flash for a tattoo? Exciting! I am flattered that you like my work this much and you're making this choice.

The best thing to do would be to pay me for the usage of that image, like you might pay any artist to draw something for you. That way I feel good when I see your ink and you go through the rest of your life with a clear conscience, knowing that you paid the person who drew the thing you like a lot and decided to have inked on your human body.

This Tattoo Permission Slip also works retroactively for ink that was done years ago.

Three options for you to choose from, below. No rules as far as which one you choose. Do what you think is right or what you can afford.

Nothing will be sent to you, but you will have paid for the art you're using.

Please DO send in a picture of your ink once completed, so I can save it in my scrapbook. Thanks!