Limit one per customer. A mystery tube of our choice, containing at least:

- one recently sold-out screenprint

- one oversized screenprint

- one other screenprint from our inventory

- one sticker

- one screenprinted postcard

- one small and not-high-quality original drawing element, with no context or date, such as a character from seventeen years ago that didn’t get used, or the hand-written track listing of a record you’ve not heard of, or the title and event details for a cool poster, but there’s nothing where the image part of the poster would normally be. Signed, not dated. 

- one small notebook bound by Mordecai Bookbuilders. Cover made from a cut-up Bird Machine screenprint.

- probably zero hornet nests (pictured)

No Returns, no complaints, no malarkey. You are doing a gamble. Probably you might win, unless you get the hornet nest. Sorry about that.

Sold out.