Monoprint #0092

When printing posters at The Bird Machine, we keep some test prints nearby, to make sure the press is working correctly, the registration is on, the color is correct, etc.

Every so often one of these test prints suddenly appears *finished*, and this is one of those.

Combining elements from unrelated posters, the composition is reduced to colors and shapes and pointless text. The results of these happy accidents are completely unique, making this a one-of-a-kind Monoprint featuring elements of posters I have made over the years.

This print is definitely NOT mint condition - it has banged corners, smears, tears, tape, and stains. There might be printing on the back. It may have footprints. It may be surprisingly heavy due to all the ink. It definitely has character.

The number in the title of this listing is only for reference here on our site. The print is not titled.

This print measures approximately 20 by 26 inches, and is signed in the lower right corner, dated 2009.

Sold out.