Mistakes Book, Vol 18: Time Moves When You do

These are hardcover, hand-bound editions of many misprinted or damaged posters from the 2019 calendar year. This is the eighteenth year of making this book. It's 12" by 12" by about 1.25" thick. The interior has varying prints from 2019 cropped and folded in half. Some pages are blank (since they're the backs of posters), some have text, and some do not. The edition is fifteen books (signed and numbered), many of which sold during a pre-sale.

The books are $200 plus $20 insured shipping (domestic), plus IL sales tax if you have an Illinois shipping address. International sales may require additional payment to cover actual shipping charges. Please contact us (on the home page) with questions.

Released here 6 April 2020. 

Sold out.