The Alligators

Special Note: Feb 2022:

We made these prints in 2006 for Kristin F and Jason N in Louisville, as gifts for their guests on the occasion of their wedding. After six years of adventure together, our friend Jason died of cancer in 2012. Kristin kept these last leftover prints tubed up, in storage. 

Jason's bandmate and beloved friend Todd C is partnered with Amy B.

In 2021, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer and has had a very difficult year.

Kristin asked me to sell these "leftover" Alligator prints with all funds going directly to Amy's cancer fight and recovery.

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Print for a pair of friends, based on their imagery suggestions. 2006.

12 by 24 inches. 

Five screens on manila TAG. 

Signed and numbered edition of 400. 

Sold out.