Art of Cider 2006

12 x 24. Four screens on manila TAG.

Signed and numbered edition of 475


I was approached by some actual German people (who had seen my work at Feinkunst Krueger Gallery in Hamburg) about designing labels for bottles of cider which they proposed to make based on my tastes. This idea was even more strange than the above sentence. let me try again: a German couple who brew ciders under the name "Most of Apples" asked if I would provide them with my favorite flavors, so that they could brew a cider based on my tastes. After some back-and-forth, they suggested vanilla, lavender, and chilies, amongst other ingredients. I drew the raccoon (waschbar) taking the apples (Apfel), and printed these posters which will be included inside a tube, rolled around a bottle of the cider. Please consult

We only offer the prints here, without the bottle of cider.

Sold out.