2020 Annual Bird Machine Subscription

The Bird Machine Subscription includes one of each print made by Jay at The Bird Machine print shop during the 2020 calendar year, plus as many other things as we can afford to include. Since we can't always control edition sizes, we don't specifically include work made outside our shop. Suffice it to say that we include as much as possible.

We ship twice a year, in about July (first half) and then in January 2021 for the second half of 2020. Jay includes a letter with each shipment, writing a little about each of the projects. All of the prints you'd get would be the same edition number from their respective editions (i.e. - 25/300, for example). We also try to include at least a couple "Subscriber Exclusives", with editions not much bigger than the number of Subs. Sub holders may get an occasional email offering an early heads-up about rare prints or other other special items.

Subscriptions are only available to US shipping addresses.

Price includes shipping (or in-person delivery to locals).

IL state tax does apply to addresses within Illinois.

Please email orders@thebirdmachine.com  with any questions *before* purchasing.

Sold out.