2013 Subscription

We have a few spots left for the 2013 Subscription. This is one copy of each of the Jay Ryan prints made at The Bird Machine print shop during the 2013 calendar year. All prints are of the same edition number (i.e. - #25/300), and shipping happens twice a year - in July and again in January, right after the end of the year. The subscription unfortunately does not always include prints made by Jay while working in other print shops (such as during visiting artist stints) but every effort is made to maximize the number and quality of the prints in the sub. Sub holders will get an occasional email offering an early heads-up about rare prints or other other special items.

Subscriptions are only available to US shipping addresses. IL state tax DOES apply to shipping addresses within Illinois.

Please contact Jack - orders@thebirdmachine.com - with any questions before purchasing.

Sold out.