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100 Posters / 134 Squirrels (Book, Sale) - Updated Edition

This 118-page perfect-bound book was originally published in 2005, and was re-released in 2010 with a new cover, more commentary on each of the 100 posters, and some new photos. Measures 9 x 9 inches. Essays by Greg Kot, Debra Parr, Art Chantry, and Steve Albini. Published by Akashic Books, New York.


Due to limitations of our website, there is small chance that ordering this book IN COMBINATION with other non-book items may cause confusion when the site adds up shipping costs. IF you encounter errors, please place two separate orders - one of the book(s), one for any other prints you're buying - and we'll sort it out. THANKS.

This book normally costs $21 plus shipping, but is on sale for December 2023 at $20 with free domestic shipping.

Sold out.